Workshop on role of ports in reducing shipping emissions and on-shore power supply as means of IMO Initial Strategy


Following up on the recent adoption of the IMO Initial GHG Strategy and the decision to reduce CO2 emissions from shipping at least by 50% by 2050, the European Commission is organizing a Workshop to discuss the implementation of the emissions reduction targets for shipping.

The IMO Initial Strategy makes a reference to the role of ports in reducing shipping emissions by mentioning onshore power supply from renewable sources, infrastructure to support supply of alternative low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels and further optimization of the supply chain and its planning including ports.

The timetable for IMO measures, the revision of the ship design efficiency, the speed management and speed optimization and measures addressing energy efficiency of the current fleet will be among the topics that will be discussed. Additionally, there will be a presentation of a study financed by DG CLIMA on short term measures. The study analyses among many other measures, port-related measures such as a standard for ship-shore communication about the availability of pilots and berths (optimization of port operations) as well as port incentive schemes.

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