On-shore power supply for alternative H2 fuel for an auxiliary port service vessel

29/05/2019. Port authorities that are partners within “OPS MASTER PLAN for Spanish ports” project lead by PUERTOS DEL ESTADO postulated before Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI) to validate use of hydrogen as alternative fuel to fossil fuel for auxiliary boats in ports. Project refers to a vessel with 15 m length, 5 m beam and 2 m draught to monitor marine infrastructure building (i.e. breakwaters, dredging, etc.) and bathymetry works.

This proposal was addressed to the call of expression of interest for Innovative Solutions Orientated to national public demand (SIOD) under the auspices of CDTI and would allow construction of first auxiliary port boat propelled by hydrogen cell. Hydrogen being energy vector is able to feed with renewable electric energy by means of electrolyzer located in port areas close to the quay.

Port Authorities participating in project definition are Las Palmas, Tenerife and Baleares. As these port authorities administer several ports within correspondent archipelagos, it makes the case ideal for testing H2 vessel performance while sailing between ports.

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