SMART PORTS gathered in Málaga to support OPS among Spanish ports

As reported by on May 14, in a conference organized by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, the Andalusian Energy Agency is willing to support investments in ports while the Junta de Andalucía and the Malaga Authority promote the energetic transformation of the Andalusian ports.
Recalling the message disseminated by the World Health Organisation that “nine out of ten people on the planet breathe air with high levels of pollution, which cause the death of seven million people a year,” the Agency, as well as the responsible for the Port Authorities of the ports of Valencia, Vigo, Motril, Barcelona and Cartagena, participating in the SMART PORTS project, will promote the supply of electric power to ships as an alternative system to burn fossil fuels, as well as the development of the LNG as alternative marine fuel and other measures associated with the development of IT.

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