COVID19 will not prevent OPS implementation in Las Palmas and Palma de Mallorca

COVID-19: News from the world's trade unions [LabourStart]

18/03/2020. Project Coordinator informed INEA on precautionary meassures to reduce economical impact of COVID-19 taken by Port Authorities and contractors building new OPS facilities in Las Palmas and Palma de Mallorca.

INEA informed “We understand from certain beneficiaries that activities are interrupted and/or delayed. INEA will show flexibility in all cases due to the extraordinary circumstances. (…) Once the situation normalises, we will adapt the grant agreements via amendments (with retroactive effect where needed) “

OPS MASTER PLAN for Spanish ports partnership publicly recognizes INEA management efforts to keep bussiness the least disturbed for the benefit of creation of alternative fuel infrastructure in European ports.

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