European Parliament Committee of Environment, Public Health and Food Safety calls maritime and port industries to avoid emissions at berth by 20230

07/07/2020. Committee of Environment, Public Health and Food Safety approved yesterday on the 6th July in the European Parliament, by 62 votes in favour, 3 against and 13 abstentions, the report on Commission proposal to amend EU MRV Regulation on reporting CO2 emissions by the maritime (see here).

The approved report vows for securing the contribution by maritime and port industries in dealing with climate emergency and secure air quality in port cities, therefore the Committee proposes Commission more concrete and effective measures within EU MRV.

Among these measures, the future amended MRV Regulation would ban ship emissions at berth and European maritime transport would be included in the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS), by means of -in turn- correspondent amendments of Directive 94/2014 on alternative fuels infrastructure and Directive 2003/87/EC.

‘When adopted by the Plenary, which should happen during 14 – 17 September session in Strasbourg, Parliament will be ready to start negotiations with member states on the final shape of the legislation.’ – EU PARL news website (see here).

EU institutions are clearly heading ships towards greener ports across more blue seas for future generations, and at the same time placing on-shore power at the same level field as for coming cero emissions marine fuels.

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