OPS Master Plan for Spanish Ports project aimed at drafting a Master Plan for the supply of electric power to ships at berth in Spanish Ports.

OPS Master Plan for Spanish Ports project is part of the National Action Framework for the development of infrastructures for the use of alternative fuels in the transport sector, in compliance with Article 13 of Directive 2014/94 EU.

The project had a budget of 4,399,564 Euros and has been co-financed with 1,280,413 Euros by the Connecting Europe Facility – CEF program for the construction of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T).

The Project finished on the 31/12/2021 and achieved with successfully the following objectives,

  • befinits of OPS were identified, the same as main barries hampering the full development of this tecnological solution, finally various measures have been taken to overcome these barries; benefits, barriers and measures are essential elements of OPS MASTERPLAN and can be foud here under section Activity 4. Master Plan.
  • three new OPS facilities were built in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca y Las Palmas (see here under section Activity 3. Pilot projects)
  • a list with 20 new OPS facilities integrating OPS MASTERPLAN has been elaborated which will be executed in 2022-2024  in addition to already existing; the list was elaborated taken into account corresponding viability, environmental and técnical studies

This MASTERPLAN will be updated in 2024 according with obligations as included in the future Regulation on alternative fuel infrastructure that is being discussed, which bassically requires ports to have OPS facilities to provide OPS to 90 % of call as for 2030 to following fleets,

  • ferris
  • container-ships
  • cruisers

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