Revolutionary Wärtsilä’s wireless charging system

Wärtsilä's wireless charging system

 According with information issued by MF FOLGEFONN, Wärtsilä’s wireless charging system has been successfully tested. Its automatic wireless induction charging system was tested on a hybrid powered coastal ferry. The ferry is owned by Norled, one of Norway’s largest ferry operators.

This revolutionary system would eliminate the cable connection between vessel and shore, and secure and facilitate operations for connection/disconnection. More than 1 MW is said the system to be capable to transfer based on induction.

VAT exemption for onshore power supply (OPS)

On 13th October, Europe’s environmental port experts gathered at the 2017 Greenport Conference Amsterdam for the 12th edition of the GreenPort Conference and 5th edition of the GreenPort Cruise Conference. European ports ask for a VAT exemption for onshore power supply (OPS) used by ships at berth. This would bring…

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OPS seminar and study tour on 25-26/10/2017 in Gothenburg

The On-shore Power Supply seminar will take place in Gothenburg on the 25-26/10/2017 where participants will have the chance to take part in an exclusive study tour and experience the OPS technology in use in the Port of Gothenburg first-hand (see the agenda  or search for more here).

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