The OPS Master Plan for Spanish Port project exchanges knowledge at the European Environmental Ports Conference in Antwerp

The European Environmental Ports Conference 2018 has taken place on the 16-17th May 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium. The event has brought together senior representatives from the global port community and shipping companies, as well as environmental policy-makers, academic experts, consultants and technology providers. 

The two-day event has featured informative presentations on the latest challenges, solutions and developments in reducing emissions, pollution and energy consumption, as well as engaging discussion around the exciting potential of co-operation and symbiosis.

The OPS Master Plan for Spanish Ports project has contributed to the event by presenting content and experiences of relevance. Also, by addressing European recommendations, the current state of regulations and the electricity market, the importance of cooperation for a rapid OPS implementation and the overall OPS technology benefits. 

Given the increasing focus on environmental regulations from the IMO and policy makers in the maritime sector, there is a growing responsibility and requirement of ports to reduce their environmental impact. It is an important time to share best practices and explore new technologies and methodologies in order to advance daily operations of a port with minimal ecological consequences.

Additional information on the conference may be found here.

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