Council authorizes Spain to apply ‘reduced’ tax to electricity directly supplied to vessels at berth in ports (OPS or ‘on-shore power supply’)


OPS MASTER PLAN for Spanish ports congratulates Council authorizing decision to Spain to apply minimum rate of excise duty, that is 0.5 €/MWh, to electricity directly supplied to vessels at berth in ports.

This measure does not need any additional national regulation provided Law for State budget for 2018 already contains appropriate provisions to implement this Council decision including such as the conditionality to this Council authorization act. Thus, the measure will be applicable as from 1st January 2019.

This is a relevant measure for OPS which is part of administrative, technical and financial package of measures envisaged by the Project. These measures together with gained experience from pilots within the Project will help drafting the master plan to promote this new technology for improving air quality in port cities, avoid noise impact from auxiliary engines and contribute to fight against global warming.

The authorization of the Council to Spain is made public today on the 8th October in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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