Baleares Port Authority calls for tenders to build a new OPS facility at Muelle de Paraires

18/09/2019 Baleares Port Authority  announces today its call for tenders to commissioning two connection points at Muelle Paraires to supply on-shore power to ships.

Port Authority evidences its commitment before population settled close to Muelle Paraires where noise and vibrations, and also air pollution released by running auxiliary engines of ships at berth, will all be avoided.

Electrical vaults are located both extremes of the quay, one at low voltage for fast-ferries and the other one at medium voltage for conventional ferries; both vaults will follow international standard ISO 80005.

This initiative is key component of global Project OPS MASTER PLAN for Spanish ports as it includes the first medium voltage connection to the grid to supplying high power to vessels. The whole Project OPS MASTER PLAN for Spanish ports is financed by the EU.

Total budget for these two vaults, and necessary electro-mechanical and civil works amount 2,1 million Euro. This cost is co-finances at 20 % rate by Connecting Europe Facility instrument. This new facility will be available by 2020.

More info here.

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