Germany joints efforts with OPS Master Plan while launching concrete measures to promote shore-generated power in an effort to make EU ports cleaner


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy services informed OPS Master Plan leader that on October the 10th in Kiel, various German States Government representatives signed a memorandum intended to realize -in brief- the following measures,

  1. limit EEG surcharge supporting renewables to only 20 % for OPS – mid 2020
  2. new possibility for DSO to offer separate grid fees based on a daily price where ships offer interruptibility of electricity demand which serves the system – from beginning of 2020
  3. examination whether and by what statutory rules legal certainty can be further increased for the operation of shore-side electricity supply facilities
  4. allocation of 140 million Euro for OPS in German ports from the ‘Energy and Climate Fund’
  5. initiative at European level for further action to make use of shore-side electricity in ports.
  6. the Bund-Länder working group on OPS, led by the Federal Government Maritime Coordinator, will be consulted to accompany the implementation of the measures listed under 1.-5. by the summer of 2020.

OPS Master Plan for Spanish ports is pleased to see German some proposed measures (measures 2 and 3) already accommodated in its administrative package proposed (see here) and welcomes high level decisión made to further cooperate at EU level towards OPS promotion (measure 5).

Also digital World Maritime News disseminated this relevant news (see here).

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