Lack of ships OPS ready identified as main obstacle to develop on-shore power supply in ports

20/11/2019. Managers of Port Authorities confirmed main barrier for supplying on-shore power at berth to be -indeed- lack of ships adapted for being connected to the grid; other two relevant difficulties are, power availability from the distribution grid necessary to satisfy demand from big ships as cruisers, containerships and ferries, and the cost of electric supply.

Poll was launched at meeting gathering port managers on the 19th and 20th November in the Port Authority of Valencia, and 69 votes resulted in the following,

Main barriers hampering OPS implementation

  1. Ship-owner reluctancy to be trapped under another port service provider  3 %
  2. Lack of flexibility of port managers to offer shipping lines adequate financial incentive 12 %
  3. Unavailability of electrical power at site and/or on time 13 %
  4. Non OPS-ready ships resulting a chicken-egg dilemma 23 %
  5. Opposition of captains and crew members to do things differently 6 %
  6. Attitude of shipping in refusing to take externalities on board 7 %
  7. Price of fuel favoring fossil against renewables 14 %
  8. Subnormal utilization of electrical infrastructure 7 %
  9. Apparently environmental benefits of LNG as fuel for the future shipping 7 %
  10. Intricated procedure involving many agents to build an OPS facility 7 %

Sum 100 %

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