A successful stakeholders meeting hosted by the Spanish Maritime Cluster achieves full capacity!

The Information Day of the Project before the maritime sector achieves a full capacity

The Information Day – also called ‘stakeholders meeting’ – of the Project before the maritime sector achieved a full capacity of the auditorium of the ETSIN of the UPM on Thursday, May 31, 2018. This day had the format of Meetings at the Sea that usually celebrates the Spanish Maritime Cluster to bring together the shipping industry, shipbuilding and auxiliary industry, which have recently joined universities, technology centres and public administrations. A total of 15 shipping companies were represented.

The day was opened by Maj Britt Larka, Deputy Director General of Industrial Air Quality of the Ministry of Environment, who addressed the important challenges that the Spanish Society has to meet in 2030 with the standards already set for polluting emissions, especially in the NOx and PM2.5.

The participants were able to receive information on the execution status of the three pilots:

  • In the Canary Islands, the Port Authority of Tenerife is already carrying out civil works and receiving OPS equipment in the islands of La Palma and La Gomera, and has just selected the supplier for the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Meanwhile, the Port Authority of Las Palmas has launched a feasibility study for the provision of OPS to vessels undergoing afloat repairs, fishing and on the central dock where the SASEMAR search and rescue vessel docks. The shipping companies FRED OLSEN and ARMAS explained the difficulties in detail and gave recommendations based on their experience in adapting their fleet as well as in coordination with the respective Port Authorities.
  • The shipping company UECC -represented by its consignee and stevedor of the UECC-NOATUM parking lot terminal- showed the necessary electrical equipment associated with the network extension that will cross the car silo in its Port of Pasaia terminal as well as the location foreseen in the hull of the vessel whose adaptation has already been agreed and reconsidered in an ad hoc technical visit held on board of one of the three twin ships on April 16 between the naval and electrical engineering respectively.
  • Lastly, the TRASMEDITERRANEA shipping company was able to publicly announce that it is finalizing the feasibility studies -by the port authorities of the Balearic Islands and Barcelona- to electrically connect the ship DIMONIOS in the ports of Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona.

The day continued with the presentation of a dozen cases on which the INOVA, GHENOVA and SEAPLACE consultants are preparing feasibility studies, making precise estimates of the emissions that these PAHO facilities would withdraw from the atmosphere and the associated investment costs.

Finally PORTS OF THE STATE explained what are the administrative measures that have – in principle – planned to support the Master Plan including the 50% bonus of the port rate T-1, the reduction of the electric tax from 5% to only 0.5 € / MWh, the suppression of VAT, the exemption from the port occupation charge for the PAHO facilities, the establishment of a new framework for port electric cargo managers, the execution of electrical conduits by terminal concessionaires and their valuation in the contests for adjudication, etc.

Access the presentations of the stakeholder meeting through the following links:

1_Air and noise quality – Ministry of Environment

2_Piloto 1 Canary Islands

3_Piloto 2 UECC at Pasaia Port

4_Piloto 3 Port of Palma de Mallorca together with Barcelona for DIMONIOS vessel

5_Viability studies for other OPS projects

6_Possible meassures for the OPS MASTER PLAN

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